Monday, July 19, 2010


On the (3) writing surfaces in my home are stacks of papers. My personal choices for creative work has been greatly diminished over the last 3 years. Now, many of the stacks pertain to social services and medical focus needed for my mom and step-dad's care. Hopefully, that will decrease in a few weeks, months.

I still write, though unproductively. I still have three books in near-finished status. I have used portions for bible studies, workshops and for other purposes. I still use skills for teaching computer basics, and for web-building. I still have a reputation for writing and supplying magazine articles- now fading into a fog.

Yet, for a time, for God's purpose, I am not focusing as strongly on writing. God has another plan for me right now.

My connection to writers, both published and un-published will be moved to this blog from my years old website - Seeds in Season Writers Resources.

I'll continue to use most of the features available there; here, maintained in a simpler way.

I hope you will come visit and read interviews, articles and links that I will pass on. I may use some writing exercises to keep from rusting away.
. . . and keep connected to those who are accustomed to paperwork of many kinds.

Mrs. B